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You remember when you first graduated. It was a period filled with such mixed feelings. Nostalgia for the past. Excitement about the present. Nervous anticipation about the future.

First Big Moments

Graduation is a ‘ceremony’ that gives the graduee the opportunity to stop and celebrate the culmination of all their efforts

You remember when you first graduated. It was a period filled with such mixed feelings. Nostalgia for the past. Excitement about the present. Nervous anticipation about the future.

It was one of the first major milestones in your life. A historic landmark that celebrates your academic achievements. A time to look back at the friends you have made along the way, to cherish the memories you shared in those 4 years.

And now, it’s their turn. Someone important in your life is about to experience this journey that you have undertaken.

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For My Friend…

Craft a Personalised Note

He/She is going to receive many gifts from the people that they have invited to the graduation ceremony. There are going to be teddy bears, flowers, handwritten notes. So you need something really amazing. Something memorable. Something personal.

And that’s most likely a beautifully customized Graduation Balloon.

With a personalized message from you, this is the one gift that will stand out. It’s pretty, it’s personal, and it’s sincere. It’s the icing on top of the cake.

Take Beautiful Pictures

We take so many photos during a graduation ceremony. It’s probably also one of the few occasions where we will find ourselves tagged in 100+ photos on Facebook the day after. After all, that’s what we are supposed to do. Everyone is dressed specially for the occasion. These moments are meant to be captured so that they can be looked upon fondly in the future.

The photos need to look good. These will be the same photos that will be shared countlessly on Instagram and Facebook. Photos that you want to be proud of. A stunning Graduation Balloon would be your perfect photo accessory.

Make Forever Memories

Make this day a blast. When everything is said and done, this day is, after all, a day meant for celebration. A joyous occasion meant to be shared and cherish for a lifetime.

One day, they’ll open up the photo album again. They are going to want to relive the emotions and feelings that came with Graduation Day. The beautiful people. The amazing memories. The stunning photos.

There is never a better chance to give your friend a Graduation Balloon than during their Graduation Day. You’ll buy it for them once, and it’ll remain in your collective memories forever.

Straightforward Customisation


1) Choose Design

There are up to 21 different templates for you to choose from. Select the one that best represents the message you want to send to your friend.


2) Personalise Name

Fill in your friend’s name within the 9 character limits. Be creative and playful here. If he/she has a nickname, why not use that instead? Speak to us if you need more letters.

3) Select Date

Tell us when you would like the balloon to be delivered. Alternatively, you can get it from us in advance to personally gift it to your friend. We’ll fill the balloon up with helium then.

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Graduation Balloons


Mark your grad’s graduation year for all time with 2018 graduation balloons. Celebrate the class of 2018 with foil, latex and customised balloons with personal messages.

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