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Our Story

It’s not easy to find that Balloon vendor that can provide you with what you want. Especially for the grand occasions like Birthday, Proposals, Graduations and Anniversaries, the Balloons need to be truly stunning. Yet, there are so many things that can go wrong. Deflated balloons halfway into the event. Colors that turns out completely different than what was promised. Personalised messages that went wrong. All of this can turn what was once a highly anticipated event into a nightmare.

We know, because we were once you

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Our Motivation

These were the exact troubles that Jade and I experienced whilst planning the 21st birthday party for our very close friend, Tiffany. 

We bought a mixture of bubble gum, nylon, and rubber balloons to be filled with helium. Within 30 minutes of the party, however, the helium in the balloons all ran out.  We could see the visible disappointment in the face of all the guests, most notably in Tiffany. It deflated the mood of the party. We felt so bad, because we so badly wanted this to be an amazing experience for Tiffany.

Our Promise

This led us to begin our own adventures in customizing high-quality balloons. Through the next months, we embarked on a challenging yet exciting journey that has finally taken us to where we are now.

At SingaporeBalloons, we aim to deliver stunning bespoke Ballons that matches your lofty expectations. We want to make sure that party planners like yourselves will never experience the disappointment that we did that day. That is our promise, and it drives us in whatever that we do. 


Macarons Singapore Delivery