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There are many magical ways to propose, and with the countless listicles out there on the internet, you will be certain to find something that you like. But the one that means most to you, is the one that comes from the heart.


The Big Ask

Proposing can be especially daunting, even if you’re 100% sure your partner will say yes. A beautifully-customized proposal balloon might just help you close the deal!

There are many magical ways to propose, and with the countless listicles out there on the internet, you will be certain to find something that you like. But the one that means most to you, is the one that comes from the heart.

It’s often not a carefully crafted script or a meticulously rehearsed skit that will win hearts and evoke tears. Conversely, the most touching moments often come from our most clumsy, impromptu dialogues.

When the words come from the heart, they are sincere, and they are heartfelt. They are true.

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Feature: A client’s journey

Buildup: A memorable day begins

On the 3rd October 2015, Priyesh and Amrita shared an intimate moment that they remember to this day. It was, in the words of Amrita “the surprisingly perfect balloon proposal.”

Having been together for more than 6 years, they were celebrating their 7th-year anniversary on the weekend. Priyesh decided to surprise her with an engagement proposal and wanted us to help him with that. Of course, we gladly accepted!

When Priyesh first spoke to us, he told us he wanted something intimate, unique and for her to feel loved by him. He wanted it to be a moment she would never forget!

He wanted a proposal location that was convenient, one that they did not have to travel far away to. We suggested for them to stay in a beautiful boutique hotel to spend a romantic night together. The hotel room soon became the location for where the proposal would happen.

Planning: Romantic Ideas

As we discussed with Priyesh, it was soon obvious that Priyesh had fallen in love with our idea of having “hundreds of balloons filling up the suite”. We all agreed that it would make for a very private and intimate moment. Imagine walking into the rooms with balloons filled from floor to ceiling. Wouldn’t that be stunning!!

Big Ask: She Said…

The day arrived for the set-up. We arrived on site to deliver to balloons, using only the white and clear ones as it comes with a classy, romantic ambiance. We worked hard to make the suite look perfect. Little love notes were tied to the balloons so Amrita could read them as she entered. A table for two was also set up on the balcony for a romantic dinner later that night.

Upon their arrival, we engaged a staff to show them the way into their suite.

The magical moment arrived. As she opened the door, she couldn’t help but let out a cute little squeak, as she jumped back a little in surprise at the balloons that fill up the entire room. Priyesh, with a grin he couldn’t hide, got onto his knees and popped the question.

Of course, she said yes.


Aftermath: Romantic Photoshoot

After the emotions were back under control, Priyesh led her to the backyard of the hotel to enjoy a couple photoshoot with the set of balloons we had prepared for them.

They were left alone to celebrate later that night with a romantic dinner served on the balcony. It was with their own private table, right under the stars. Talk about romantic! And it all culminated with the best anniversary present that Amrita received. A wedding ring!


We had so much fun planning together with Priyesh, and it was deeply rewarding to see the couple enjoy that special day. This is why we still continue to do this, after all these years.

We would like to wish this happy couple a long and successful future together. Enjoy the wedding planning and celebrations!

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