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Customised Balloons that fit your every occasion.

Alphabet Balloons

Give your glitz party a customized touch with Alphabet Balloons! These beautiful, metallic blow-ups emphasize each letter from A to Z, so you can blend to form any words. Personalized, bright alphabet balloons are a fantastic and original way to spell out a birthday boy or girl’s name or to say something loud and clear

Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are perfect for just about any occasion. They are splendid decorations for a stylish wedding, or a stunning instant backdrop at a casual party. Confetti balloons give you endless possibilities when adding that extra accent to your decor. The finish of the balloon bouquet makes for an eye-catching decoration.

Graduation Balloons

Graduation is a ‘ceremony’ that gives the graduee the opportunity to stop and celebrate the culmination of all their efforts. You remember when you first graduated. It was a period filled with such mixed feelings. Nostalgia for the past. Excitement about the present. Nervous anticipation about the future.

Graduation Balloons

Proposing can be especially daunting, even if you’re 100% sure your partner will say yes. A beautifully-customized proposal balloon must just help you close the deal!

There are many magical ways to propose, and with the countless listicles out there on the internet, you will be certain to find something that you like. But the one that means most to you, is the one that comes from the heart.

Unicorn Balloons

If you’re going for the theme of a fantasy world, normal balloons just won’t do. Instead, what you might need are some beautiful unicorn balloons. Bring these mythical creatures to the party and add some life and sparkle to your event. More than just impressing friends and guests, it can create a lovely backdrop for many wonderful photos to be taken. Your new Instagram photos can now be filled with that extra glitter and sizzle!


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At SingaporeBalloons, we aim to deliver stunning bespoke Ballons that matches your lofty expectations. We want to make sure that party planners like yourselves will never experience the disappointment that we did that day. That is our promise, and it drives us in whatever that we do.

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It’s not easy to find that Balloon vendor that can provide you with what you want. Especially for the grand occasions like Birthday, Proposals, Graduations and Anniversaries, the Balloons need to be truly stunning. Yet, there are so many things that can go wrong. Deflated balloons halfway into the event. Colors that turns out completely different than what was promised. Personalised messages that went wrong. All of this can turn what was once a highly anticipated event into a nightmare. We know, because we were once you.

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